Volunteer with Code Equality

Regardless of whether you’re a coding ninja or new to coding, if you have the enthusiasm to help others learn coding, teach a bootcamp with us or be a teaching assistant!

Teach a class

We're always looking for instructors! You can teach anything that you are interested in or feel passionate about, from Python and Ruby to Web Development with HTML/CSS and Javascript.

You can develop your own syllabus, or use one of ours. As of April 2014, we have run classes for the following topics:
  • Code.org's Hour of Code
  • Python
We have material prepared for these classes that you can use to teach a class! Check out our Events page for our latest classes.

Assist at a class

If you'd like to help out and teach but not run a class, join us an a teaching assistant. Teaching assistants walk around classes and help out students who need one-on-one guidance. You can also help us develop and test new course material!

Sign me up!

If you're interested in teaching or being a teaching assistant, or would like to discuss an idea for a class with us, just fill up the form below!